Sunday, March 9, 2008

Build a Bear

Today's a tiring day, went out with Andrew to his house in the Suburb called Clayton. It's a very peacful suburb that have town houses and all sorts of asian groceries stores... We took the bus to Chadstone and went into a Large shopping mall to walk around... it's a very interesting shopping mall since it's just two floors but it's like 2km wide, most of the shops are boutiques and i guess girls will definitely love it ...There's myer, david jones, jb hifi... eb games.... etc.

But just this ONE shop that makes me think.... Denise ( maybe ) and Beatrice ( surely ) will definitely LOVE it....

It's called... Build A Bear !! :

What's Build A Bear? It's a shop where u make your own teddy bear !! Yeah, from step to step...sorry about the picture because the shop was closing since it's rather late... but i managed to get in for a few snaps...sisters, have a look, perhaps you would like to make one when u guys are here.. IT'S very expensive by the way.. =.=

These are the steps andrew told me, coz he made it before i guess or maybe he enquire.. :


Check and find your teddy bear, which ones look cute for you, there are many types, as a first step.


Choose the voice you want when you touch the Teddy Bear's tummy !!


Take a Heart and make a wish, put it into the Teddy bear and the machine will start making your teddy bear!!


The Teddy bear will be placed under this to take a Bath and then brushed up nicely till it's coating's sweet and clean..


BUY some accessories and clothings for your teddy bear!! Looks nice but it's freaking expensive!! So make sure you get just one first and next time you'll just get another for your teddy bear!


Pay for your Teddy Bear and get yourself a Teddy Bear Certificate. Your Bear is now borned... =.=
All together a Bear might take up to 70 bucks and plus accessories, another 30 bucks so minimum purchase is 90 to 100 bucks.. just for a Teddy bear... wow...

So after that , andrew and me went to the Melbourne Water festival and enjoyed a Fire works display...
We had dinner at the Dessert house, and we parted ways..

Today's a tiring day...
Gonna dive into my slumber..

Take care, and good night!!



BabyB said...

means it's abt RM300 for one tiny bear?
haha nt really worth it le
can buy so many bears tad side back home
but looks fun tho ^^
take care ya bro

rowena said...

Wow the teddy shop looks interesting .Give me an idea of stuffing some of JonJon's hair into it. that, will be nice ya?
Cant MSN today hope every thing will be corrected soon . Till then,take care and God bless.,.. mom ..

Denise Hsu-Pei, KONG said...

i love it but foo jong tau will kill me!!! rm300 for a tiny little bear... not worth it. but it's a good experience.

back from kuantan yesterday evening. so tiring... meeting pek koon and allan later in the evening at pavillion. dinner together...

really sad... you couldn't make it for the great ocean trip! we go jalan jalan cari makan and jalan jalan shopping sakan when i'm @ melbourne lah.

take care.

love you always,
pei pei jie jie :) hahahahahahahaha...